Sunset rock painting

“Paintings have a life of their own that derive from the painter’s soul.”

Vincent van cogh

Rock Painting is Fun. Have you ever visited a garden and noticed the beautiful rocks of different textures and shapes? Does that looks great to you? To me yes, rocks of beautiful shapes and sizes have always fantasied me. For instance, whenever i visit a garden or beach or any natural place, i always get happy seeing these rocks. They are gorgeous and instantly, i begin imagining them with painted with colors and designs or sceneries over them.

Few months back, i had shifted to my new home which is a rented apartment in Jaipur. There I found these 4/5 rocks in the washing area of the home and since then i have had my eyes on them. As a result, this week, i grabbed two of them and finally sit down to paint them and believe me, it was a real fun.

Are you wondering what is the requirements for this DIY rock painting?
Don’t worry, i will share it all.


1) Rocks.
2) Acrylic Paints.
3) Synthetic hair brushes.


– Get a Rock or buy some from market. Don’t hesitate to pick up one from road side or garden {shhh}.
– Clean it well with water and let it dry.
– Think of design you want to paint on it. it can be any scenery like sunset or beach or any landscape or any quotation or any wish. You can look for ideas on pinterest/google.
– Now, start painting. Don’t be afraid to stain it with paints. You can use any Brush available with you or buy 2/3 brushes from local shops.

Project cost:

– Under Rs 150

Can be used as a decorative piece in lawn or a planter or even on center table/ Moreover, its a great stress buster it is to paint.

Products I used:

Let me show you my project. I had created a Sunset scenery and believe me, its first time i painted a rock. I am very new to Acrylics and Watercolors. Started a month ago or so.

Finally, here is the Youtube link for the DIY tutorial of the same.

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