“Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.”


And the Journey Begins

It was month of August and monsoon was on a roll in North India.
I left from Gurgaon for Jaipur in Jaipur double Decker train which departs from Sarai Rohilla station at 5.30 pm everyday and reached Gurgaon at 6.10 pm. This train takes appx 4 hours from Gurgaon to Jaipur with only one halt in b/w at Alwar. Fare is also economical (Rs. 480).

It was a beautiful start of a long weekend as Monday was an off. I left on Friday evening to experience a new kind of adventure.

Arrival at Jaipur

Jaipur City as seen from top of Nahargarh fort
Jaipur City as seen from top of Nahargarh fort

I reached Jaipur at appx. 9.30 pm. There i met a friend of mine and we took dinner in a small hotel near Gandhinagar railway station in Jaipur. Then we headed towards the bus stand to take the bus to city of Royalty Jodhpur. On way to bus stand, we took a halt at dunkin donuts and then hawa mahal ice cream parlor and took one cone each to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Then we reached to Sindhi camp bus stand and take bus to Jodhpur. It was an overnight journey which was quiet relaxing in the Volvo bus we took. The interesting thing here is thata the bus that we took tickets of was originally coming from Delhi via Gurgaon but due to heavy raainfall, it got 3/4 hours late. We were now worried but then we come to know that a new bus was started from Jaipur to Jodhpur.

Arrival At Jodhpur

The city called as "Blue city".. Jodhpur.
The city called as “Blue city”.. Jodhpur.

Next morning we reached to Jodhpur and headed towards our hotel (Hotel Gandhi International) that we had prebooked on make my room. This hotel was a decent hotel with good services and was really economical.

We got freshen up them we headed towards the Meharangarh fort. This fort is a very beautiful fort and is epitome of glory and royalty. The plan was to do Flying fox zip line which is done at this fort. We had pre booked the same and i was eager to experience jubilance over the rope. This zipline covers the fort views and overall distance that it covers is appx 1.2 kms which is divided into 5 segments each providing breathtaking views of fort.

We reached the fort in an auto and then we visited directly to flying fox office. The guides there booked our slot and gave us a little training of how to do zip lining. All safety measures were taken by them. They taught us how to cover the rope in case one stops in b/w. It was an amazing experience.
This activity was really amazing, adventurous and refreshing. It made me more daring towards taking parts in adventure activities. I am really glad i did this.

Looking Blue city from Fort Jharokha (Window)

Seesh Mahal
Royal Sword in Exhibit at Fort
Local Musicians
Mehrangarh Fort

Later that day, we visited local markets and clock tower and next day early morning we left for Jaipur.

Clock Tower – Jodhpur

Upon reaching Jaipur, I stayed there for the day and visited Hawa Mahal and Nahargarh fort. This was my first ever visit to Nahargarh and second visit to Hawa and Jal mahal.
Nahargarh is famous because of “Rang de Basanti” movie shooting. I didn’t knew the same before this visit. 😛

City palace and Amer fort as seen from Hawa Mahal
Jal Mahal from view point on way to Nahargarh
Snake road as seen from Nahargarh Top view point

Next morning i was on way back to Delhi to start daily routine things.
Overall, this trip was all about experiencing an adventure of lifetime and nothing else.

Appx Expenses:
  • Delhi to Jaipur – Rs 480 (train ticket)
  • Jaipur to Jodhpur – Rs 450 (rsrtc bus tkt, 30% off for ladies)
  • Stay in Jodhpur -Rs 800
  • Breakfast,lunch and dinner – Rs 300
  • Jodhpur to Jaipur – Rs 450
  • Jaipur to Delhi – Rs 480
  • Flying fox zipline – Rs 1500
  • Personal expenses – Rs 1000

It was a wonderful trip which changed my perspective towards life and taking risks in life. It also taught me that experiences is all humans should live for. Since then, i am more adventurous, more enthusiastic and more lively.
Stay tuned for more experiences of mine.

Till then, Good bye from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
(11 April, 11.11 am)

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