“He always wanted to be her world, but she had already took him for her Universe.”

Akash Roy

There are so many love stories in this world but Ours is my Favorite.
My husband is a blessing to me and every time he do something for me out of his comfort zone, he makes me fall for him again. This Women’s day (8 March 2019), my guy created a beautiful painting for me using watercolors and it came out amazing. He gifted me a whole galaxy and i was amazed. It is not an easy task to create something so beautiful in first ever attempt but he did it and he did it for me. I can;’t describe the feeling i had that night.

He knows how much little things matters for me in Life. Be it holding hands in public or a kiss on forehead but this was totally big for me. I literally had fall in love with him again in this precious moment.

PS: He was capturing the making of this video but due to some technical glitch, it was not completely captured so i can’t post the video tutorial of the same.

Thank you Dev for being so loving towards me.

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