Acrylic Painting - Beach

“Every Artist was first an amateur.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hey Friends !

I hope all of you are doing well and preparing for the Festival of Colors “Holi”. As Holi is round the corner and we get leaves too at that time, why not sit down and paint something?

Today, I am presenting a simple DIY video tutorial for Beginners using Acrylic colors. Any guesses what are we going to paint this time?

Its Beach scenery. Beaches are serene place to visit. Firstly, the sound of waves crashing on shore is just amazing specially in mornings and nights. Secondly, watching sunrises and sunsets over horizon where sea seems to meet the sky is mesmerizing. Isn’t it?

I recently have started painting with Acrylics. I don’t know why i never did it before. Why i was so afraid to even try it. Why i was thinking it was Rocket Science and i need some teacher to start learning. Anyways, its better late than never.

Nature inspires me the most. Be it Beaches or Hills or Sunrises and Sunsets. Specially at time of sunrises and sunsets, it seems that god has painted a beautiful scenery on the canvas called sky. The sky looks so beautiful, the colors are so pretty, clouds looks so amazing. One can get lots of inspirations from watching sunrises/sunsets.

For this tutorial, i was inspired by my trip to Kerala where there were beaches, coconut trees around the shore and beautiful sunsets.

Presenting my DIY video tutorial on how to paint a beach scenery for beginners.

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