Sunset Acrylic Painting

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” 

Jo walton

Nature, it’s beautiful. With growing chaos in urban cities we are getting distant from our beautiful nature. We can’t watch sunrise and sunset as we are developing a habit of sleeping and waking up late which is disheartening.

We have got so busy in earning happiness that we have forgot how to create it. Moreover, Its always here with us but we find it in either others or in materialistic things. Our lives have become robotic. Waking up just to start that monotonous routine works like cooking the food and went to office, work like a robot whole day and come back. We don’t have time to enjoy the things we do. We are just doing it.

Do you remember when last you enjoyed cooking meal and eating it with full concentration? Do you remember when you last saw a sunrise or sunset and heard birds chirping?

Hey, work is important but life is most important. Wake up and enjoy the every single moment of it and go see some sunrises and sunsets. Grow the plants they will give you happiness. Create ART, its a very effective stress buster and its meditative too.

Try something new today and believe me, you will find it amazing. I tried Acrylics a day back and i was happy to paint this sunset scene which is something i can’t see in urban areas. I created this sunset painting on a handmade canvas made using Buckram on a cardboard and stained it with Acrylic paints.

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