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“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.”

Threadless Artist Mathihiole

Paper Quilling or Paper Filigree is an art form where the artist creates intricate designs by rolling, shaping and gluing narrow strips of paper. The artist rolls a strip of paper and then manipulate t by twisting, pinching etc to make different shapes and then arrange them to form decorative art work. This art form requires patience and time and gives amazing outputs and designs. One can create or decorate almost anything using this art form be it a simple handmade greeting card or a big painting for home decor, a 3D design for eg. dolls, boxes or jewellery. Possibilities are endless if you have creative mind.

History of paper quilling

As far as history is concerned, its an old art with traces back to 14th century where nuns used to quill to decorate the religious books covers.

Tools required

  • Paper Strips – Mandatory
  • Slotted Needle tool – Mandatory
  • Needle Tool – Optional
  • Tweezers – Optional
  • Curling coach – Optional
  • Crimper – Optional

Paper Strips – These days, Quilling is so popular that you can find the strips on any stationary shop. The sizes usually available are 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm. In shops, generally 5mm and 10mm are available so one can start with 5mm strips. As your experience grows, you will slowly tend towards 3mm or 2mm strips as they give intricate work experience.
10mm and 20mm strips are used for making fringed flowers.
The paper comes in various qualities and depending upon quality, the paper can be very soft which tends to easy work and doesn’t ache your hands and thus, you can work for long time and vice versa.
Also, paper comes in various packages like, simple solid colors packets, mix packets that means, in single packet you can have all colors strips (I usually don’t prefer them but they can be good for beginners.)
Then there are metallic toned strips, two tones strips and graduated strips.

Quilling Kits – To make it easy for the beginners, some kits are also available in market. So, rather than searching and getting confused, one can directly buy these.

Quilling tools – The most basic and must tool is Slotted needle tool. In starting, purchase an economical tool that will come in Rs 30 to 50. Then, in future if you find the art interesting, you can purchase steel tool.
Then, there comes many other tools like, quilling board, coach, crimper, tweezers of various kinds, comb etc. but frankly speaking, these are not required as such. You can buy a tweezers and board only for help if you think. Besides that no tool is required in my opinion sply. for beginners.

I am doing quilling since years now and initially, i had bought all these tools as no one was there to guide me but most of them are still unpacked. 😛

How to start with Quilling.

So, if you are going to do quilling for the very first time, you just need a good quality slotted needle tool and by good quality i mean good finishing. Some local tools have bad slots. I mean the slot is not smooth and hence can spoil your paper and shapes. So whenever you buy a slotted needle tool, make sure the needle and slot is highly smooth and finished.

2nd thing that you need is paper quilling strips (3mm or 5mm).

Rest, you can watch the below video and i will teach you how make the primary and base shape for quilling and how to create a cute and easy greeting card using that shape (Tight Coil Shape).

NOTE: Your first few quilled paper are most probably going to spoil so use the colors which you feel are going to be of least use in future to avoid wastage.
Also, you can hand cut the strips if you think u can. Use printing paper and cut strips out of it.

An Intro to Paper Quilling Art with a DIY cute card

I hope the tutorial was easy to understand. If you faced any difficulty, let me know. The card created in the video now belongs to this cutie pie.

Receiver of Card

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