Zentangled Minion

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

Zentangling, as i mentioned in my previous post is a meditative art.
The only rule in zentangling is that there is NO RULE.

Art is something that makes one modest and calm. It relieves stress and as output, provides you a beautiful piece of art to flaunt.
I know it takes courage to create something and its not because we can’t create but because we don’t believe on ourselves and our caliber. Since childhood, we are bombarded with negativity and we usually get bound to it.

Let me tell you the story of a baby elephant who was tied to rope when he was small and even after trying many times he could not free himself of that rope and couldn’t go away. As the time flew, the elephant who now was adult and strong but since he was conditioned that he can’t break the rope he is tied to was rooted so deeply in his mind that he believed it. As a result, he never knew that now he was not a small baby elephant but an adult one who could break this rope like anything.
This is what happens to us too in our lives. We are also conditioned to some experiences we failed at that we stop trying for them.

Everyone loved art when they were kids but some were not good at it and were scolded by adults or teachers for not being perfect. Eventually, they started believing that they can’t create.

We actually becomes slaves of our experiences and we stop trying. That’s the reason i said, it takes courage to be creative, to create art.

For the very same reason, i am showing you a real process video as an introduction to this beautiful art of Zentangling.


  • Paper – Any paper. Just Start with whatever you have. Be it printer paper or a notebook or a notepad.
  • Pen – Any pen – Marker, Ball pen, Gel pen, Colored pen, Sketch pen. Believe me I just want to you to start.
  • Watch the video below. If u cant draw at all, just draw a rough circle or square and start tangling inside it.

I Hope, this video will help you start creating. I will be really happy to hear the feedback and area of improvements. Also, if anyone has any query or need any help can contact me freely.

Also, i found this beautiful and easy introduction to Zentangling.

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