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Zentangle – A beautiful and easy to learn art form which can keep your mind in Present. Sounds Magical? Yes, it actually is.

For those who are listening this word for the first time, i believe word Doodling is not new for you. From boring lectures to long calls, doodling has been a resort for most of us. Isn’t it? Do you remember the last pages of the notebooks from school and colleges for instance? Zentangle is more or less a form of Doodling. It is a very new form of art just few years old and very easy to learn as it doesn’t need pre-planning. Moreover, there are no mistakes in the creations. Every outcome is just perfect and is always appreciated.

Can’t draw? Nothing to worry then also. If you can hold a pen in your hand and make some marks on a paper, you can learn Zentangles. Yes, its true.

The creators of this art form are Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.
As per the story, Thomas would idly draw patterns atop a manuscript that she was working on. In speaking to Roberts, she said that during these moments, she felt a “freedom and well-being and complete focus.” Roberts, a former Buddhist monk, identified this as meditation, and the two then created a system so that others could experience the same bliss. The Zentangle Method was born. (Source)

Its a beautiful art which can help a person get rid of Anxiety, depression and other mental issues.

Zen art


  • Paper
  • Pen/Markers – Any type will work.


  • Firstly, The process is meditative hence one will start noticing benefits of meditations in behave and moods.
  • Secondly, Doer will feel really relaxed.
  • Finally, one will have an abstract piece of art to flaunt.


  • Take a paper and marker. Start making some random pattern on it.
  • Repeat the process.
  • I am mentioning few links for beginners below.

Useful links for Beginners:

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