β€œAll art is but dirtying the paper delicately.”

John Ruskin

Heya ! How’s Life friends? Are you enjoying Life fully? You must be. We only get one life so live it fully and enjoy Art.
So, here I am back again with a beautiful piece of art specially meant for the people who {think} that they can’t dray anything beautiful.
Believe me, they are going to love this tutorial.

Yes, this post is about Doodling Art. In continuation to my previous post where i had explained how to start doodling, this post is specially designed for first timers. Ok, so i hope everyone knows how to use a pen? How to make lines be it straight or curvy right? So Let’s begin !


  • Paper – Any plain sheet. Be it printer paper or Ivory sheet or any other.
  • Pens – Any Pens will work. Colored, single colored. Prefer Microns or Uniball.
  • Sketch Pens / Markers (Optional)

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to make a super easy yet beautiful piece of Art for gifting or home decor purpose.

I hope you guys like this video. I will be back soon with another Art post. Till then, keep smiling and stay healthy and Blessed.

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