In Games of Thrones, either you Win or you Die!


Games of Throne, one of the most popular series of HBO currently half way to its finale season already. An amazing series with lots of suspense and drama. 5 years back, i didn’t even knew about this thing and one person contacted me asking if i can make a Surprise box (what’s that? Answer is below) using this theme and i was like, what is “Games of Throne”? He was surprised and said, OMG! You don’t know GoT and i was like what a big deal about it.

If you don’t know what exactly a surprise box is then let me explain you. A surprise box is a layered box shaped card or scrapbook, the walls of which falls as soon as you remove the lid of it and inside there are surprise elements depending upon the theme. For example, in center there can be a paper cake or a heart or anything that can go with the theme like here we have the Iron Throne. and on the layers, one can get pictures pasted or messages or lots of pockets with lots of messages. Basically, it can be highly customized.

Long story short, he wanted a surprise box on this theme and i had no idea about GoT at that point of time (I am a fan now) but i happily accept the challenge and did a bit of RnD about it and here is the outcome. The throne I made in it is made using paper and match sticks. Seriously, i had no idea that it will come out so well.

PS: Sorry for bad pics. These pics are 5 years old and i didn’t had a good camera that time.

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