It is Hard to be a Women.

“You must think like a man, Act like a lady, Look like a young girl, Work like a horse.”


Hey Guys,

I know it been long since i posted something but i had got occupied in some critical tasks and couldn’t get time to post here. I am so sorry but its better to be late then never, so here i am again posting a DIY tutorial on watercolors.

This painting is created by my husband and it was his 2nd trial on watercolors. First one was rather special for me and i will share about it in my next post.

He created this painting on theme of Women and his idea was to show a tree as a women. Just like a tree gives us shed, fulfills the requirements of life a women so the same for family. She takes care of the family, take care of everyone and feeds them. She is root and stem of family who keep everyone together.


  1. Watercolors – Faber-Castell – Artist grade watercolor tubes set of 18 colors  – Rs 330
  2. Round Brushes – Faber-Castell – Set of Round Brushes – Rs 250
  3. Flat Brushes – Faber-Castell – Set of Flat Brushes – Rs 250
  4. Thick (300 gsm) good quality water color paper pad.

Here is the link of the process video of the same.

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