Seascape Watercolor painting

“The SEA, once it casts its spell, hold one in its net of Wonder Forever.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau

Watercolors are fun. They are tricky for beginners (at least for me they are) but also they are amazing and real fun to work with. As a medium, watercolors can make you conscious and you may loose your confidence when you start with them as usually, it will come out far from perfect. But, don’t hold yourself back and try them. It takes time to learn everything.

Watercolors are a great medium if learn with patience. You must have seen at least one watercolor painting in your life and wanted to make the similar masterpiece. If Yes, BEGIN.

How to Start?

So, you need.
1. Watercolors – I had bought Faber castell Tube watercolors as my first watercolors set
2. Brushes – Faber-castell Round and Flat ones i have
3. Watercolor Paper – Most important. The right paper can boost your confidence and wrong one can kill it. Go for 300gsm 100% cotton watercolor paper.

You don’t need many colors to start. 3 Primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue) are enough to create any color you want. So, rather than spending a lot in starting, go for minima palette and start with it. Discover if this medium is catching your interest or not. If yes, possibilities are endless and you can always but any number of supplies and can do any amount of investment. The smallest palette for the best range of color mixing consists of six colors.

warm and cool primary colored paints

Let me show you a video tutorial of how to paint a beautiful seascape.

Sea-Scape Watercolor Painting for Beginners.

I hope you guys like this video. I will be back soon with another Art post. Till then, keep smiling and stay healthy and Blessed.

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