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“The Principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”

Jerzy Kosinsky

Want to paint a Rock but no idea how to start and what to do? Here is the solution. A super easy video tutorial for painting a rock for beginners. Start creating. #StepsTowardsCrafting.

This is my second Tutorial on Rock Painting. You can see the First Tutorial here.


1) Rocks.
2) Acrylic Paints.
3) Synthetic hair brushes.


– Get a Rock or buy some from market. Don’t hesitate to pick up one from road side or garden {shhh}.
– Clean it well with water and let it dry.
– Think of design you want to paint on it. it can be any scenery like sunset or beach or any landscape or any quotation or any wish. You can look for ideas on pinterest/google.
– Now, start painting. Don’t be afraid to stain it with paints. You can use any Brush available with you or buy 2/3 brushes from local shops.

Here is the full Process video for this rock painting.

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