Acrylic - Child on swing

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”

Walt Disney

Children are the creatures who are actually living their life to fullest. How? Let me explain you. As a child, do you remember crying out loud when your small wish was not fulfilled by elders? i hope you did. And after growing up, do you remember how you sobs to sleep hugging your pillow in night and keeping quiet so that no one knows that you are crying? Relatable? Yes?

This is what growing up does to us. We grew up learning how to hide our emotions, how not to tell our feelings, how to keep our wishes to ourselves. It let us die inside but not to open our heart in front of others. That’s the reason i said above, “Children are the creatures who live their lives to fullest”.

Anyways, that’s life and it will go on but sometimes, i really feel and i am sure everyone does it, that at lest for once, if we can go back in time to relive our childhood. Even though we know that’s not possible. So why not live a moment like a child again today here and now.
You must be thinking how? But, believe me or not, its true that it doesn’t matter how old we grow, the child in us never dies. Yes, we learn how to hide that child from the outer world, but it never dies. We suppress ourself so bad that we start feeling that its gone. Don’t believe me? Ok, let me prove you wrong.

So, how you feel when you see its starts raining? Do you feel like run outside and enjoy it?
How you feel when you visit a garden and see swings there? Don’t you feel like grabbing it and sit over it and start swinging?
How you feel when you scribble on pages?
These all questions will answer that you feel like a child. Hence Proved!

Ok, back to the topic. So, Recently, i created this beautiful painting where i painted a child who is swinging on a swing under a starry sky and beside him, there is his pet puppy using acrylic paints.
The painting is really easy to paint and even if you have not painted anything before, you can paint this beautiful painting with me.

So, what are you waiting for, grab some acrylic colors and brushes. Make or buy a canvas and start painting. Enjoy Childhood.

Acrylic – Child on a swing painting sply. for beginners.

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