“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”

Edgar Degas

I totally can relate with the above quote. Its so true that painting is easy when you don’t know but really difficult when you do. Reason being, when one don’t know about anything, they also don’t know what mistakes they are doing as its basically not a mistake for them. Agree? But, once someone knows about something, they know what is right about it and what is not. Same goes for Art. Once you are new to any Art, anything u make will give you happiness even if its not at all good with the eyes of an expert.

I still remember, when i had tried my hand on my First ever Acrylic painting (all by myself), I was amazed to see the output. It was more than perfect for me. I was feeling like the greatest artist on the Earth alive. Ok ! No more blabbling :P. But seriously, it was a great feeling.

Today, I am posting a picture of a painting that i had created after my first painting. The painting is depicting a daffodils field. The link to actual tutorial is here. I know, my painting is nothing compared to this but, i love it anyways. This is the beauty of Art. It makes you feel relaxed and every version of same painting is beautiful in itself.

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