“An Artist cannot fail; It is successful to be one.”

Charles Horton Cooley

Who is an Artist?

For me, we are born artists as i mentioned in my previous post. We all create something alomost everyday in one form or other. For instance, food. A piece of art is never imperfect. In addition, it keeps you Healthy.

Watercolors have always amazed me but i never understood how to use them. Reason being, in school no one actually taught us how to start with them. As a result, whenever i tried my hands on watercolors, i failed and therefore, lost my interest in them because of using wrong supplies. At that time, we had no access to internet and therefore, we were dependent on teachers but now, we have everything in our hands, right here, right now.

For instance, recently i joined skillshare premium and watched few videos on basics of watercolors techniques and bought some basic art supplies from Amazon.


  1. Watercolors – Faber-Castell – Artist grade watercolor tubes set of 18 colors  – Rs 330
  2. Round Brushes – Faber-Castell – Set of Round Brushes – Rs 250
  3. Flat Brushes – Faber-Castell – Set of Flat Brushes – Rs 250
  4. Thick (300 gsm) good quality water color paper pad.

After watching the tutorials i tried making this amazing Monochromatic Flower with different values coloring as a result, i created this.

As seen from the eyes of an expert in watercolors art, this must not be a perfect piece, however, as a beginner, it’s an amazingly beautiful piece of art for me. Above all, its special for me being my first trial on them.

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