Love – An Intense feeling of deep Affection.”


Happy February. Love is deeply related to February as Valentine’s day falls in this month of the year and people go crazy and start focusing on surprise ideas, gifts, dating blah blah. Is it necessary to show Love to your loved ones on this specific day in this specific month? Why this generation is so confused about what love is?

People like someone and calls it love. People need someone and calls it love. Why?

Love should be celebrated everyday in every moment. In my opinion, Love is not in giving surprises on special ocassions, its in giving surprises in ordinary moments and making that moment special.

My idea of Love.

  • Love is not in whatsapp chat but old Fashioned Handwritten letters.
  • Love is about creating and cleaning mess together.
  • Love is cooking and eating together.
  • Love is surprise back hugs.
  • Love is cuddling each other.
  • Love is sending random songs which makes you think of them.
  • Love is sharing Happiness to double them, sharing sorrows /tensions to reduce them to half.
  • Love is about intense talks.
  • Love is about Crafting and Travelling together. (My personal interests)

Love is about Little things. Love is about pampering and spoiling each other. Love is noticing and remembering tiniest things about each other. Love is doing smallest things unexpectedly for each other. So, go LOVE someone today. Be it your mother, father, sibling, cousin, friends or spouse. Don’t wait for a special moment, make an ordinary moment special. 🙂 Go, SPOIL someone.

Presenting my Quilled Heart Wall Frame.

Size: 8 by 8 inches w/o frame

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